Monday, March 25, 2013

zara, office city bag.

I can't sleep, so here's a little insomniac thought to put out there in the world (in hopes that if I can talk about it enough and wish hard enough, it'll come true). I have been lusting over Zara's Office City Bag ($89.90) for longer than any normal human being. Truth be told, I probably don't need it. Being a student means there is a backpack attached to my poor spine or I stuff a bunch of stuff in to a Longchamp tote, because I guess that's just something people do in the East Coast. But wait! What's that? There's a 17" padded laptop case in the centerfold of the Office City Bag? Call me a sucker, but that's simply ingenius of Zara. Good for you, Zara. 

The worst part about this love affair isn't that it's unrequited, but rather, I haven't even seen the bag in person yet. Yet. 

I'm trying to convince myself that I don't need it, especially since there's a slot for an iPad that I absolutely cannot utilize without an actual iPad. 

But wouldn't it look so posh of me to have a purse like this? To carry around my folders and sort my pens and highlighters? Surely, I could use it for work... for that job I assume I'll have in a few years? 

Fact of the matter is, is I have to carry around textbooks. Large textbooks. Even if the Office City Bag comes with a shoulder strap, my shoulder isn't made for weight of that magnitude. 

I'm conflicted.

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  1. Totally understand - I am lusting after it right now myself!